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Facials By Melissa was founded on the ideals of empowerment and inspiration. Today, I still believe and operate my business based off of those ideals; Every person should feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. I am passionate about transforming lives through the art of skincare. I want you to feel confident in your skin! I have been a professional skincare specialist in Los Angeles since 2009, and love the work I get to do each and every day. I have worked at the top Luxury Spas in Los Angeles and can't wait to bring my expertise to you here in Valencia, CA!


Holistic Organic Skincare

Free From: Parabens | Dyes | GMO | Synthetics | Fillers | BPA
Proud to be: Natural | Organic | Wild Harvested | Cruelty-Free | Sustainable | Biodegradable | Kid Safe | Expecting Mother Safe | Cancer Patient Safe | Reiki (energy) Infused

Organic Customized Facial


Treat yourself to a customized award-winning, organic, result-driven facial. This facial addresses a variety of skin concerns, such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of vitality, tone and radiance. Using Diana Ralys Holistic Organic Skin Care's natural technology, I will create a facial specifically suited to your skin needs.

60 mins

Healthy Diet

Organic Facial + LED Therapy


With the result-driven Holistic Organic skincare line by Diana Raly, I will maintain healthy skin and boost cell regeneration. Includes cleanse, extractions, facial massage, 2 masks/arm massage, and LED/Infrared Light Therapy. LED Light Therapy bolsters cell turnover. A smooth, bright, and brilliant complexion results. Products are custom to benefit any skin type or age.

75 mins


Oxygenated Microdermabrasion + LED + Microcurrent

A dynamic Organic anti-aging treatment for total transformation. For complete skin renewal, microdermabrasion removes dead cells and impurities, a customized vitamin serum addresses immediate skin needs, LED Light Therapy bolsters cell turnover, and pure oxygen therapy plumps the skin. A pre-party  go to treatment, using medical-grade oxygen to plump and hydrate the skin, this rejuvenating facial gently erases dull skin and fine lines to leave skin silky smooth with a renewed radiance. This facial delivers instant gratification and improves clarity, texture, and tone with regular treatments. A smooth, bright, and brilliant complexion result.
90 mins

Handmade Soap

Organic Express Facial

Great option for "Pick-me-up" or in between full facials. It is fully custom to what skin needs at the moment, it might be an unexpected pimple or extra hydration. Not suited for first-time clients.
30 mins

Homemade Skin Care

What I Can Do For You

Everything I Offer

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to work so many wonderful clients. I cater to all my clients needs, whether they are looking for a new everyday look or something fit for a special occasion. Get in touch to find out about my work, and how I can have you looking and feeling radiant in a matter of minutes.


The Signature


After a detailed complexion analysis. Cleansing is followed by a refreshing exfoliation, extractions and a revitalizing facial/neck massage followed by an appropriate mask. This facial is customized specifically to you! Pamper your skin with one of the add-on enhancements below for optimal glow.

This is not a Peel. Good for all Skin Types.

50 minutes

This treatment is also offered for 55.00 for 30 minutes


The Antioxidant, Anti-Aging Facial

Instantly combat the most visible signs of skin aging – smoothing fine lines and reviving youthful radiance to your complexion.  Includes cleanse, skin analysis, facial exfoliation, specialized toning facial massage, mask, scalp massage.
Add on: Micro-current for $25.00
50 minutes


The Oxygenting Facial

Refresh & Renew the skin to achieve a more glowing complexion. This unique facial provides much needed oxygen to depleted, dry skin by increasing circulation and stimulating the skin. Reducing pigmentation, detoxifying tissue, and brightening skin tone, this energizing facial also helps to fight free radical damage for luminous results. This Facial is fantastic for those wanting to target pigmentation or dull skin.
60 minutes


Service Offerings

Take Time Out for Beauty


Let's Clear it Facial


This comprehensive treatment combats all grades of acne, combining powerful anti-bacterial peptides and salicylic acid with soothing anti-in ammatory botanicals. Customized to your level of redness, irritation and /or sensitivity. Plus I'll zap your zits with Hi Frequency! 

50 minutes

Highly Recommend adding LED Therapy to this facial!

This treatment is also offered for $55.00 for 30 minutes

Beauty Treatment

The Signature Facelift


An Image chemical Peel that requires pre-treatment such as the Signature Facial. 

Signature results driven treatment combines Vitamin C, hydroxy acids and enzymes to speed up cellular renewal. New technology of centella stem cells support rosacea/redness prone skin and botanical detoxifying and energizing complexes give noticeable results in just one session.

Important Note-Keep the skin moisturized with a super-thick emollient ointment. This forms a protective barrier that allows the skin to heal faster and also helps with scabbing. Do not pick at peeling skin. Never, ever, ever pick! This dead surface layer is retained by the body until it resurfaces itself. Pulling off skin that's still stuck is like pulling bark off a tree -- it can damage what's underneath and leave a scar. You can use a soft, soapy, wet washcloth to gently massage the dead skin off.

After a peel, try to stay out of the sun completely for at least seven days. If you can't avoid being outside, try using a sunscreen made for babies or sensitive skin. It won't sting or irritate as much

30 minutes



The Look for You

You’ll see an immediate improvement in skin’s radiance, texture, and tone, but you’ll need to go through several sessions to witness the benefits of reversing pigmentation issues, minimizing fine lines, and boosting collagen production.

Microdermabrasion- $60.00 30 minutes

Microdermabrasion with Facial- $145.00 50 minutes

All Facials except The Signature Facelift can add an enhancement

Micro-Current- $25.00


Hi Frequency- $15.00

LED Therapy- $45

Medical Grade Oxygen- $50

Natural Cosmetics

"Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it"


Thank you so much for visiting my page and I can't wait to Perform the Facials that I have been performing in Luxury Resorts!


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